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Date of publication: 2017-08-29 05:32

A Bollywood movie is an epitome of mediocrity with nothing to relate it with life as lived in India. The main emphasis is on musicals consisting of catchy tunes and words accompanied by a series of song-and-dance sequences. Even the theatricl trailers made to promote a movie have their emphasis on song and dance scenes The standard of a movie is based on mainly on the quality of the songs it features. In fact one major factor of movie promotion with Indian 'commercial' movies in general is to release the songs that a movie contains far ahead of its release.

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melodious voice and good sense of music. Though he liked to sing Tagore song and Lalongiti he also listened to the western classics provided by Satyajit Ray (film maker). He liked animals as much as he liked children. He made Radharani and his nephew Dibakar Baij as his legal heirs. He came to Shantiniketon.

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Ray's films feature a quiet, humanist vision, with meditations on the everyday lives of Indian people. He is best known for the  Apu Trilogy , films that documented coming-of-age and life in rural India. These films were released throughout the 6955's, and he went on to make 86 features, including 6968's  The Big City . This video essay from Fandor Keyframe  explores the director's powerful use of eye contact—or lack thereof—to shape The Big City 's entire arc, going as far as to say that, "T he story of the film is told through the way the characters look at one another." 

Education:  Ray was a student of Presidency College, Kolkata. He got lessons of art at Vishwa Bharati University at Santiniketan. His mother was a great admirer of Rabindra Nath Tagore.

The same thing holds true for Satyajit Ray when he made his debut film Pather Panchali. In fact Ray was virtually unable to keep the subjective element out of his movie. But he never made comments on his actions, characters or situations. He never pitches hints at his audience and never tells them just what to think and feel. At the same time he was not at all apprehensive about taking the appropriate stances. This is because he was predisposed not to his characters but to the drama of life itself. He had his own ways to suffuse life on to the screen in order to impart a shimmer of hope to all his characters.

Sanam for instance). The score and sound track is enchanting. The outfits is gorgeous and so with the sets. In the acting department, Aishwarya Ray is perfect. The Acting diva once again shows her best performance, and much deserve for an award. Madhuri Dixit has the smallest role, but she proves.

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