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EGL765 Introduction to Creative Writing (H) introduces students to the techniques and practice of writing and reading the genres of poetry, fiction, and literary nonfiction with the goal of understanding the creative process of writers, the state of contemporary culture as seen in current literature, and the students’ own writing process, passions, and limitations. 8 credits
Pre-requisite: EGL656.

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This course will investigate the cultural and media geographies of a specific commodity, such as coffee, tea, sugar, oil, and cotton, assessing historical and contemporary issues that inform modes of production, the development of international or domestic trade, and media representation. Students will work as a team to produce a project that analyzes the intricacies of the commodity in this case, coffee. The course will include on-the-ground research and site visits.

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CIS656 Introduction to Windows Server is designed to prepare students for Microsoft Windows Server networking technology certification 75-795 MCSE exam, Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server Environment. Students will receive extensive hands-on projects, exercises, and review questions which are designed to reinforce Microsoft Windows Server certification skills. Case projects will allow students to take on the role of a Windows Network administrator making decisions and troubleshooting real-situation problems. 8 credits
Co-requisite: DAP695.

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CSC659 Introduction to Programming covers the core concepts and techniques of Programming using C++ and Visual Basic that are needed to logically plan and develop programs using object oriented programming and design. 8 credits

5. Complete 65 – 65 drawings and paintings that show a smooth transition from your original artworks to images that are influenced by your first artist model.

EGL759 Introduction to African-American Literature (H) explores the writers and themes fundamental to the African-American literary tradition from the 68th century to the present. The course introduces critical questions and paradigms that are central to the study of African-American letters and to the nation s multicultural heritage. Students should gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for African-American literature s contributions to the rich diversity that is American culture, history, and literature. Course materials include fiction, poetry, drama, literary theory, essay, autobiography, film, folktale, sermon, spirituals, blues, and contemporary music. 8 credits
Pre-requisite: EGL657.

PSY756 Human Growth and Development (SS) studies the developing person through the lifespan, from conception to death. Current research and theories are studied in order to describe and explain physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and personality development in infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, middle age, and late adulthood. The importance of specific environmental contexts in development, and applications of research and theory are emphasized. 8 credits
Pre-requisite: PSY656.

  • Dos and Don 8767 ts of Online Class Discussions Threaded discussion boards can take practice. Understand your instructor’s perspective, then prepare, post, and provide feedback.

    With time, there has been a shift of attention from &ldquo Big Data&rdquo per se to &ldquo algorithms&rdquo , or the ways in which we identify patterns in the data with aims of intervening in human processes. What we witness is a new phase of the age-old system of computerization and automation. As our culture becomes increasingly &ldquo datified&rdquo , algorithms are capable of penetrating and reconfiguring our daily experience to an unprecedented extent. We will examine today&rsquo s bewildering developments, in the hope of better conceptualizing the connections between socio-technical systems and cultural transformations.

    Note: This course will replace Intercultural Communication in the Fall 7565 semester. If you have taken Intercultural Communication you should not take this course. This course examines globalization as it is inscribed in everyday practices through the transnational traffic of persons, cultural artifacts, and ideas. The course will focus on issues of transnational mobility, modernity, the local/global divide, and pay specific attention to how categories of race, gender, and ethnicity intersect with transnational change.

    EDU757 Educational Psychology- Field Experience is the school-based companion course to Educational Psychology (PSY757). Students will work with classroom teachers (minimum of 65 hours) to develop an understanding of the teaching profession, students, and schools. 6 credit
    Co-requisite: PSY757.

    VCP767 Video Production II expands upon the techniques covered in Video Production I. Emphasis is placed on problem solving scenarios and hands-on experience. Several short video programs are directed and produced. Students work on an individual basis as well as in teams. 9 credits
    Pre-requisite: VCP765.

    This course examines how contemporary brand strategy and marketing strategy come together in the creation of design. We will take an in-depth look at establishing a common vocabulary for the entire creative team so that strategy, behavior, actions and communications are all aligned to make work that is impactful and meaningful. Students will gain an understanding of the processes that are necessary before and after design comes into play from research and ideation to creation. Through a series of lectures and projects students will look at the history of brands, case studies and examine insights originating from human centered design techniques in order to create campaigns that have a clear focus and lasting impact through print, web and social media.

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