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Union Budget 2017-18 Highlights Summary Hindi - PRADHAN

Date of publication: 2017-08-29 02:16

Q. What’s your optional subject and why did you chose it and not something else?
Sanskrit. It is a good optional subject and scoring too.
Q. If a new player wants to pick this subject, would your advice for it or against it? (. every senior player in Public Administration seems to be advising against )?

Essay on Students Life in Hindi language

All of you might be wondering what I did differently this time than last year. Here I would like to credit Vinay sir and my good friend Shiva Kumar for their able guidance. Also I would like to thank Shri Balaji D K IAS and Shri Pavan Kumar G G IAS for not only providing me with valuable feedback, but also constantly motivating me during my down times. If not for them I would be swimming in a whirlpool even in this attempt.


I have always liked subjective papers to objective papers, so mains was always fun for me. I relied on the NCERTS heavily to build a strong foundation. I started writing answers regularly only after my prelims results. I would not suggest you to do the same mistake. Please write at least 5 answers from insights secure initiative or any similar ones everyday. This will develop your language as well as content. Remember to adhere to the time and word limit when while answering these questions.


The geographical distribution of these U& C is quite uneven as most are concentrated in metropolitan and other urban areas. While the Governments have attempted an equitable distribution, private U& C far outnumber public U& C and thus distort the distribution. On the other hand, stream-wise distribution is also uneven, where engineering and management institutes, running in lakhs, outnumber all other institutes. This not only represents the genuine incapability of the state to accommodate the increasing number of students, but also the structural distortion in the Indian economy, where the service sector dominates.

The social indicators like Maternal Moratlity Rate, Infant Mortality Rate etc are on decline. One of the major reasons is malnutrition. Though the govt. has introduced many schemes for pregnant and lactating women, the improvement in these parameters has been very slow. Education also needs to be imparted among people and especially mothers about diet habits to encourage balanced diet habits which will help eradicate malnutrition. Overpriced and unhealthy food are major issues to be dealt with to counter overweight and rising food inflation and bottlenecks in food supply are the major challenges to eradicate malnutrition.

hello sahil, i appreciate the present and past illustrations given to support the idea and ur direct approach to the topic and not drifting from the central idea. but the essay could have been a little more comprehensive and thoughtful.

Your essay has a very good introduction and many ideas, but in the middle it gets confusing and becomes more uni-dimentional explaining the role of government in Dalit empowerment.

Globalisation is the integration of world in economic, political and social spheres. Though India followed a closed economic policy till the eighties, it was forced to switch to liberalization owing to the economic crunch of the early nineties. The success of the liberalization process opened new avenues for the India and its people. It was almost impossible for the largest part of Indian population living in the villages to remain unaffected by the process of Globalisation. It affected them in every sphere of their lives be it economic, political or social. The statement, “world is a global village”, emphasizes the village as the basic building block of every country and its integration as a unit in the world.

Introduction is good, but should have been more specific on paradoxes in the process of democratization post 6995. In the introduction, you say that: 8775 .nation which is so 8766 divided 8767 socially. 8776 , I would have used the word 8766 diverse 8767 in the place of divided, because it is an extreme statement when you say India is a divided country across social, economic, geographic, political and ideological spectra.

Q. UPSC should be conducted online like IBPS and CAT exam to shorten the duration of exam.
Depends on UPSC
Q. If you are made the UPSC chairman, what other reforms would you initiate for the civil service exam?
There should be parity in Marks of interview and optional should be removed.

These ills of democracy are the genesis of the social movement and revolution. People adopted different methods to fight against the state. It was realized that these are the only way to negotiate with the government.

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