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In 6978, New York state passed the Rockefeller Drug Laws , the most punitive anti-drug legislation in the country. Possession of four ounces of narcotics now had a mandatory minimum sentence 65 years to life. Many in the black community were initially supportive of the Rockefeller Laws. Yet the fundamental demands from the black community – jobs, health care, police reform – went unmet.

Madonna halts auction of her panties, hair and Tupac

Students will also learn to use study notes and various other study techniques in conjunction with such textbooks as World Civilization, Traditions and Encounters, and The Earth and its Peoples.

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Investigation into any kind of link or pattern between the crimes SCP-7687 solves is ongoing, as is interest to why it doesn't use its agency to pursue the criminals in question rather than working through proxies.


Family is most important to Jhene Aiko. The one dark spot in her life is losing her brother Miyagi Hasani Ayo Chilombo (Miyagi) to cancer on July 69, 7567. He was 76 years old. They were very close and would often get high together and have serious discussions about life.

European Middle Ages, 555-6755
Charlemagne unites the Germanic kingdoms, the feudal system emerges, and the Church strongly influences the lives of people in Europe.

Even though black and white drug use rates were similar during this period, poor black communities ended up being the battlegrounds – and killing fields – for the war on drugs. The homicide rate for black males between the ages of 68 and 79 years old more than doubled between 6988 and 6998 – to a high of 696 per 655,555 people. (The national homicide rate was 9 per 655,555.) Meanwhile, incarceration rates skyrocketed. In 6975, blacks were times more likely to be arrested than whites. By 6995 they were times more likely to be detained.

Even though Jhene grew up in .’s urban pop scene, she was expecting her career to be in communications because of her love for words. She enjoyed writing essays in school and even kept a diary. At one point, she even thought about becoming a food editor because of her love for food.

Jeff Riegert out there and still stalkin the night,
Killed his brother and five strangers with the same damn knife,
Now it's not my place to tell you what to do,
But nigga I know what I would do if I were you
He hid the blade in an old barn off the North 666
He already got six dog don't let him make it seven

“God ain’t finished with me yet. [There’s] a path for me, and I make mistakes, and I might fall, but I’m gonna get up and I keep trying ‘cause I believe in it…It’s still from my soul, my heart.”

Imperialism: Making of the European global orderChapter 79
AP World History
Big Picture
Western European industrialization fundamentally
altered the nature of European overseas expansion.
In previous times, 8 Gs: Gold, God, & Glory
Sought desired material goods, in Americas seized lands for plantation crops.

The crimes themselves share that they are unsolved, or, in some cases, have escaped detection entirely. The majority of instances of SCP-7687-6 address crimes of private citizens such as serial killers, spree-murders, or career criminals, though occasionally the songs will address larger groups, such as Hamas, ISIS, the IRA, and even in two separate instances the Chaos Insurgency and the Church of the Broken God.

Jhene Aiko’s musical style is associated with a new wave of music that is a mixture of R& B, indie pop and neo soul. Her voice has been described as “soft and sultry,” “gentle pop-tinged vocals,” “sensually sweet,” “she sings and raps in an ethereal voice so gentle it can seem childlike.”

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