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Thank you for sharing John. The memories of your childhood, your mortal fear that grasps at an identity that can never be, because we are impermanent in our physical state. It 8767 s a universal message. Liberating the soul can be traumatic to the mind, because it sees itself for the first time, bound within its limitations.
Thank you as well for the memories and teachings of your master Osho.

Why Labour lost and how it can win: An essay on rebuilding

Jesus rebuked the Jews, Pharisees, and Saducees of His time. In the Book Of John, Chapter 8, Christ DAMNS the Jews (not just the high priests and Pharisees) and IDENTIFIES THEM BY THEIR DEEDS:

Why Do Scientologists Lie? - Mike Rinder's Blog

PEAK BOTTLED WATER ALERT: filled up the boat at the local Exxon (owned by Pakis, of course), and noted a quart of greenie bottled water was on sale at $6 . $9/gal while the regular gas was $ / gal (including 85 cents worth of taxes). Maybe just add 89 cents to the dollar and opt of the Steel Reserve instead ..we haven 8767 t reached Peak Swill yet.

Noah’s Ark Of Consciousness

[ ] lot of people in my spiritual family of Neo-Sannyas had made my teacher, Osho, a figment of their projections in their own Cult of Personality. This was never Osho 8767 s [ ]

The short answer: they believe that achieving the 8775 Aims of Scientology 8776 and 8775 Clearing The Planet 8776 are so vital for the well-being of all mankind that those ends justify any means.

The 9th . Circuit Court of Appeals had been mulling whether to reconsider its ruling temporarily suspending Trump’s directive. In a court order, the 9th Circuit said it would put that process on hold pending further developments.

But then, despite the resistance of the aforementioned members of the Congress, for one hour she had to answer the questions asked by the chairman of the committee Trey Gowdy, from which the committee became aware of correspondence with her confidant Cindy Blumenthal. The latter was a bridge between her and a retired CIA officer dismissed for violations of ethics, who provided her with the information on the basis of which the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged or rather forced President Obama to authorize the establishment of a no-fly zone in Libya.

[ ] impact. I began preparing myself by sitting silently, feeling the white light presence my teacher, Osho, taught me to imbibe Existence “Light” before my “bullfight” with the TV host. He was a [ ]

Finally, I landed up at the doorsteps of Brahma Kumaris ashram in London, UK. I could complete their free introductory course on Raja Yoga Mediation. It explained who I am, Who God is?, Where have we come from?, What has been our History on the earth?, What is to come in the future?. The role of God in transformation of old world to new world.

[ ] It is time to awaken our sleepy souls from the slavery of cosmic forces in these ever more stormy and catastrophic times. Meditation is the way to do this. Click on Noah’s Ark of Consciousness. [ ]

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