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Date of publication: 2017-08-30 11:00

Speaking of anecdotal, my first two months of veganism saw my cholesterol drop 65 points and sugar drop 55. My *year* of paleo only resulted in 75 and 67, respectively.

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What makes you think it 8767 s impossible to eat animal foods from animals that have not been 8775 tortured and murdered 8776 ? could you not eat eggs from happy chickens? Drink milk from happy cows?

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I like this registered dietician 8767 s take on whether or not ex-vegan 8767 s stories make a good case against a vegan diet as being appropriate for everyone.

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This article presents a beautiful sentiment: that beings die in a peaceful way, giving back to the soil and earth so life can spring forth. I can understand the author 8767 s point. Unfortunately it does not match up with the reality of how the meat in our country is produced.

Do you not see that my point precisely IS that ALL of nature is dependent on eating animals? Even the theoretical herbivores who never accidentally ingest insects still eat plants whose life DEPENDS on the soil. We all do. And the soil eats animals.

Vitamin B67 is a bacterial product, not an animal product. In meat, it comes from the bacteria in the animal 8767 s gut. At the end of the day it doesn 8767 t matter. What matters is our environmental footprint.

Oh lord that looks amazing. The only thing that I would have issues with is the amount of carbs there are there! I would gain so much weight in between my beer drinking and bread eating!

And even if we lose sight of the Christian, Muslim and Hindu gods and all the rest, superstitions and spiritualism will almost certainly still prevail. More formal religious systems, meanwhile, would likely only be a natural disaster or two away. &ldquo Even the best secular government can&rsquo t protect you from everything,&rdquo says McCauley. As soon as we found ourselves facing an ecological crisis, a global nuclear war or an impending comet collision, the gods would emerge.

All things being equal a lion will win all lion vs tiger fights  
Lion would almost always win against tigers. This was true in the Roman period. In fact, there was only one recorded case of a tiger defeating a lion in

But, it seems we aren 8767 t going to talk about that. Let 8767 s just build local-regional farm and food systems on a fantasy instead. That will work out great for everyone.

I most likely will never try to convince someone they should go against their conscience in choosing what to eat, but that doesn 8767 t mean I can 8767 t ask questions to try and understand the perspective better, expecially when the reasons seem illogical to me and I 8767 m seeking a better understanding.

Just wondering if vegans have considered the fact that when they eat plants, they take the plant 8767 s life when it is pulled from the soil. The plant dies. My point is that death is inevitable.
Like the article says, life comes from death, it is all part of the cycle. In my humble opinion, the key is to treat death whether it be the death of a plant or animal to provide sustenance with reverence and respect and thanksgiving.

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