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I 8767 m now 95. Watching it again, the film is still funny, and touching. But the villain is a lonely older woman trapped in a bad marriage, yet still enjoys sex. How is that evil? And the hero is a self-obsessed stalker who shows that all you have to do to win the girl and girls are prizes to be won is to pester her for so long she eventually relents.

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The fact is these workplaces are toxic and in a large part the safety issues are allowed to go unaddressed by the use of shaming about manliness. You are completely right to blame it on toxic masculinity.

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If you cannot acknowledge that the dominant culture varies from city to city, state to state, and country to country then you have been totally blinded.

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I suppose that considering women have been treated quite terribly throughout all of recorded history it would make sense that literature might represent societies of the time and likewise the authors themselves may have been misogynists as well.

The things you needed to be 76 to do were serve on a jury, vote or hold public office, act as a guardian, be named as a defendant in a lawsuit, sign a bond or note, etc., none of which have any bearing on the plot of Tess of the D 8767 Urbervilles nor anything to do with how Tess Durbeyfield was perceived either by the other characters or Hardy 8767 s contemporary readers.

7) JS and BH have all the right in the world to say whatever they please, and any college student, black or white, or anyone else for that matter, has all the right in the world to challenge what they have said. As long as the discourse is reasonably civilised.

8775 In academia 8767 s farthest reaches, the sex is culture goes to far, but it is the sex is a win for a man and a loss for a woman that both bros and feminists agree on that made this particular teacup 8767 s tempest possible. 8776

The only thing that makes this good entertainment is the increasing bizarre contortions ( 8775 let 8767 s ignore what black people say! 8776 ) required to keep the narrative going.

What do you mean 8775 where is her voice now? 8776 She 8767 s a famous published author, I 8767 m some guy in a comments section. Surely you 8767 re kidding. And what does that even mean? Are we supposed to put women on pedestals and never engage with their ideas critically in the name of equality? Is this how you imagine men 8767 s lives? They say things and nobody ever challenges on them if they think they 8767 re wrong?

I won 8767 t give it that weight.
I wont 8767 t base my actions or responses on the fact that someone could me among other things that people [hysically larger,wealthier and more politically connected can do to me, has to wait in line.

8766 There has been a lot said this year about college students—meaning female college students, black students, trans students—and how they’re hypersensitive and demanding that others be censored. 8766

Nabokov loathed Freud and psychiatry in general. I recommend you read his Lectures on Literature and Lectures on Russian Literature, which give us a pretty good idea of his views on, uh, literature and the writing of it. None of it includes any of what you 8767 ve written here.

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yes there is no doubt her story ends with her seduction. the argument about what motivates him is much different. the author explores something that is still now debatable, whether or not this desire is pathological or normal. the author puts you in the position of therapist in a way, your job isn 8767 t to care for your job is to understand the main character. His manifestation is criminal, but is the desire itself pathological, or normal?

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