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The Old Man and the Sea Summary - Essays on a The Old Man and the Sea Summary examine Ernest Hemingway’s story about Santiago, an old Cuban fisherman and his epic fight against a giant marlin far out at sea.

Symbols and Symbolism in “Billy Budd” by Herman Melville

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Summary - Essays on a Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Summary examines Dee Brown’s classic 6975 history of the American Indians.

Bartleby the Scrivener

Michael Lewis, who can always be counted on to come up with arcane, surprising material and explain it beautifully, really outdid himself with “Flash Boys.” The question: Exactly what happens in the fractions of a second after a stock transaction is initiated? Where does the buy or sell order go? How does it physically get there? Mr. Lewis found a group of white-hatted brainiacs — by his lights, the superheroes of the future — who made it their business to conduct experiments on market trading until they figured out how high-frequency traders could predict and exploit imminent stock movements. The white-hats, led by Brad Katsuyama, have since started what they say is a corruption-free stock market of their own. &ndash Janet Maslin

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Invisible Man Symbols – In Ralph Ellison&rsquo s 6957 novel Invisible Man , symbols highlight the racism experienced by African-Americans while also alluding to themes of individual and cultural identity.

The Horse Dealer&rsquo s Daughter – The Horse Dealer&rsquo s Daughter, written by D. H. Lawrence, examines the lives of siblings whose father, a horse dealer, has recently died and left them in debt.

Pride and Prejudice&rsquo s Elizabeth and Darcy -Pride and Prejudice term papers show that although the closure of the narrative in Jane Austin&rsquo s Pride and Prejudice is the happy marriage of both Elizabeth Bennett and Jane, it is only by navigating an arduous course of obstacles, challenges and contemplation that the couples achieve this state of happiness.

The Great Gatsby – A typical book report on the The Great Gatsby begins with Jay Gatsby meeting and falling in love with a Daisy while he is still an impoverished officer.

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge - An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge Research Paper explores a book by Ambrose Bierce about a farmer being hanged, and then discusses what he has done to deserve this.

Tom Jones – This term paper explores Henry Fielding&rsquo s 6799 novel Tom Jones , which many critics identify as one of the most important texts of 68th Century Literature.

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