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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 19:43

I like Ballard´s writtings, even if some people feel they are insane.
My be I like the insane travels into the mind.
The short stories I like to re-read are: 8775 Passport to Eternity 8776 , 8775 Billenium 8776 8775 Thirteen to Centauri 8776 and the novel 8775 The Drowned world 8776 . I think this last novel is a kind of utopia.

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As many people I am (re)discovering JGB with the Radio9 series currently on air.
It makes me think that I read a short story long time ago, about an enclosed suburban hamlet where families keep their kids in closed walls and it all end up with them killing their parents in a well designed plot. A sort of 8775 perfect world 8776 of middle class life, turned nightmare.

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Ha! That 8767 s hilarious Pearl/Anonymous! Ballard, with respect to science fiction, is one of the leading writers of the genre. He pushed the envelope of sci fi from the physical into the psychological. Certainly he 8767 s challenging particularly with works like Crash, but he always has something interesting to say. When I compare him to earlier writers such as Asimov or Bradbury (both of whom I enjoy) his books are more complex and arguably more relevent to the modern experience.

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Well, Mr. Ballard wrote from a highly unique inner vision. If you can tune in to it, it will literally change your existence. What more can one ask of a writer?

[ ] anniversario della morte di , visionario autore britannico che ha firmato svariate opere letterarie che si possono far rientrare nel genere di 8775 fantascienza 8775 . In onore dello scrittore [ ]

Are you going to add details of all the short story collections? I know it can be hellishly confusing (with some collections being slightly revised and republished under different titles) but it would be a useful addition, especially for those of us who still find these things at secondhand shops. The Re/Search book has full details of what was published when and in what variations.

The Kindness of Women is a novel a sequel to Empire of the Sun which was also a novel. J G Ballard has only ever written one book-length autobiography: Miracles of Life.

Ballard will never be a Giant or a Colossus of the fantastic (as . Wells, Maupassant, etc ) because he is very psychopath and a bad taste writer.
Probably if he were born during the XIX century he would be a great writer but he is another mad writer.

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