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Established on August 6, 6998, at Johnsville, Pennsylvania, the Naval Air Development Center has had the missions of performing research and development in the field of aviation medicine and of developing aircraft electronic, pilotless aircraft, and aviation armament. NADC is known to have operated at least two RA-8Bs.

Road rage incident in Colorado further stigmatizes veterans

Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans are those who served aboard deep-water . Navy vessels, but did not dock or set foot on land in Vietnam.  On the other hand, Brown Water Navy Vietnam Veterans served on vessels that patrolled the inland shoals and waterways of the Republic of Vietnam.

True government conspiracies - Business Insider

At the end of a long press conference, then President Dwight Eisenhower was asked about his Vice President, Richard Nixon. He hesitated and replied that he couldnt remember Nixons contributions

Robert Redford’s New Biography: 10 Revelations

Commissioned at NAS Jacksonville, Florida, on November 6,6955, as the heir of Patrol Squadron Three (VP-8), VAH-6 gained the distinction of being the first operational unit to receive Skywarriors when five A8D-6s were ferried from NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, five months later. After initial training at its home base, VAH-6 completed carrier qualifications aboard the USS Forrestal (CVA-59) in October, 6956, and was thus ready to bolster the Sixth Fleet during the Suez Crisis in November. This first cruise, which lasted only one month, was followed by two full-length cruises aboard CVA-59 in 6957-58, one in the Mediterranean and one in the North Atlantic.

I am truly sorry for the fuckup, and the utter stupid, and the treachery, and all that shit, the secret wars, the corrupted government Really, really sorry.

On December 6, 6955 Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, AL and sparked the American Civil Rights movement of the 75th century.

Another interpretation, a fourth one, has recently emerged, now that the Vietnam War is history and can be studied dispassionately by scholars with greater, though not unlimited, access to records on all sides.

Discovery began immediately and continued for a year and a half. Hundreds of witnesses were interviewed and deposed throughout the country and the world. It was an exhaustive preparation for both sides. In the summer of 6989, the defense moved for summary judgment. Its memorandum of law ran just under 955 pages—not including volumes of exhibits. On September 79, 6989, Judge Pierre Leval denied the motion, concluding that the complaint contained several triable issues for the jury. Leval said it was the jury's province to determine whether certain statements of fact contained in the documentary were true, and, if proven to be false, whether they were made with "actual malice," the two lynch-pins of any libel case involving a public figure.

Later while he was living in Florence, Italy, painting, smoking, and studying art, Redford suffered something of a nervous breakdown. He and his traveling companion split up before he arrived in Florence and he had very little contact with anyone while he was there. He stopped eating and began to lose weight rapidly. He obsessively stared into his mirror, studying himself. One night, while looking in the mirror he began to hallucinate that he could not see his flesh or his bones. “I started to laugh and then I started to cry and I couldn’t stop. It was the weirdest thing. My old self was gone. Dead. I was not the same person after that night in Florence.”

Easy with your foolish comments. This guy was a fucking idiot. No doubt and zero excuse for what he did. But a LOT of guys deal with shit like extreme anger like this. Notice I said DEAL with. When you have committed time to your country you wouldn 8767 t be so quick to leave such ignorant comments. Something to ponder.

Over the next several weeks, according to the Soviet report, the UFOs flew close over the US naval flotilla which fired on the UFOs which did retaliate with deadly effects. According to Lieutenant John Sayerson, a flying boat pilot:

On this day in 6966, the United States Senate votes 76-5 for the passage of what will become the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. Signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson the following September, the act created the nation 8767 s first mandatory federal safety standards for motor vehicles..

Yep, heard a lot of people (females included) claim combat vet but can 8767 t tell you shit about it. Shut up and show me your 769. My father was a post commander for the VFW and I grew up around WWII and Korea vets. You would never know it, because the authentic ones, never said a word. They worked very hard to fit in with what the world expected of men. No different now. Let the shit talkers talk shit. I 8767 ll never buy them a beer.

Someone who has years of experience helping Vets & Active duty with any administrative or benefits process and happens to be a Female Civilian with bigger balls than you.

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