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Namibia: Genocide and the Second Reich - Top Documentary Films

Date of publication: 2017-09-02 07:43

I am Namibian, I want to know your point of view, after watching this documentary, Do you think it is right for the Ovaherero and Nama people of Namibia to claim compensation from the German Government or not?

Guns, Germs and Steel - PBS: Public Broadcasting Service

The blade grinds in this case must be of a small wheel diameter, to preserve thickness at the central spine of the blade. Otherwise, the blade would be too thin and subsequently, weak.


Don 8767 t get Crystal Drano. It contains other ingredients that are not good in soap. You want 655% potassium hydroxide (otherwise known as lye). There are many good how-to books on soap making and general day-to-day life, but doing it all yourself. I like the one that was written by Carla Emery (ISBN 5-967865-95-6). It primarily addresses modern day homesteading, but what 8767 s going to happen when the SHTF? Modern day homesteading.

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In fact you have much more in common with the former . President Bush. You are the "deciders" we are either "with you or against you", the world is either "good or evil, right and wrong, black and white." Let your position sink you further into the muck of racism, as it has continually with every word you have typed. and every person, you have type casted.

The White race ain't human but vampire, blood suckers, they even feed their offspring's with Innocent blood. until white race exits genocides shall prevail and the planet earth shall always suffer.....

And BUCKETS! Yes, the lowly bucket is often overlooked, but has so many uses in a SHTF situation (short or long term, doesn 8767 t matter) I fill my bathtub when storm threatens to flush toilet. How am I to get water from tub to toilet? Bucket. I have food garbage to put in compost pile, how to get it there? Bucket.

an alternative to solar for charging your mobile (assuming service is present) is a small hand-cranked LED flashlight that has a USB charging port. some come with radios. the one i have the light will run for quite a while on a few minutes of cranking, but you have to sit and crank continually to actually charge the phone, but it works.

Sophistic linguistic vain superiority, doctrinarian, snobby verbal claptrap. A knife is just a piece of metal and a handle. Why bother? Who cares?

One of these days, people will stop letting wealthy, power-mad, elitist f*cks control them. It is never "the people" who want to start wars, invade other lands or enslave other types of people. It's always someone with power and wealth who wants even more. They subjugate whatever group of people they can find to lead and then they convince them to "hate" some other group.

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