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Think about achievements you've attained in the past and identify the ones which match or relate to the requirements of the new job. A relevant achievement does not have to be in the same industry or even from a work situation. A relevant achievement is evidence of relevant capability, style, personality, attitude, knowledge or potential.


But for instance, Ross said before that Muslims believe you can have four wives, but the Hebrew patriarchs were polygamists. As a Jew, when I talk about the patriarchs, I talk about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and then Sarah, Rebecca, Leah and Rachel, three guys, four women. And then what about Hagar and Ishmael?

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Georgetown University law professor Chai Feldblum, an appointee to the . Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, argues that the push to redefine marriage trumps religious liberty concerns:

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[65] See Jason Richwine and Jennifer A. Marshall, “The Regnerus Study: Social Science and New Family Structures Met with Intolerance,” Heritage Foundation Backgrounder No. 7776, October 7, 7567, http:///research/reports/7567/65/the-regnerus-study-social-science-on-new-family-structures-met-with-intolerance.

Your CV must sell you to a prospective employer, and compete against other applicants who are also trying to sell themselves. So the challenge in CV writing is to be more appealing and attractive than the rest.

One thing they found is that there is hardly anybody who opts out. Three a year out of 6,555 kids taking this course opt out. There was also a study that was done about a year and a half ago. I don 8767 t know who did this. John, are you up on this? But it 8767 s in my book. The study was done in terms of some of the concerns people have about world religions courses. One concern is about religious switching. Are the kids who were raised evangelicals going to come out as Hindus because they 8767 ll think, wow, Gandhi and saris and yoga? And then they 8767 re going to kind of be wandering around Modesto bug-eyed and trying to get flights to India?

I think my response to that is there 8767 s this religious studies professor, former religious studies professor, Ninian Smart , and you might have read about him, who has this idea that religion operates in these various dimensions. And if you look at religious traditions around the globe and across time, you 8767 ll see that there 8767 s a doctrinal dimension and there 8767 s an ethical dimension, and there 8767 s an institutional dimension and there 8767 s an emotional dimension, and there 8767 s a narrative or a mythological dimension.

That 8767 s a pretty broad statement, and I wonder what it really, really means, especially when I look now at the practice of morality in contemporary America, when you look at the surveys, which I can only dimly remember, of the behavior, for instance, the moral behavior of people, and you compare religious people with nonreligious people and there are surprising similarities, actually.

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