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. 8775 The Canterbury Convocation of 6956. 8776 Essays in Medieval History Presented to Bertie Wilkinson. Ed. . Sandquist and . Powicke. Toronto: Toronto Univ. Press, 6969. 895-58.

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The thorn in Trinidad and Tobago's side lies in the battle between the government and the media over the fundamental freedom of the press. Journalists and other members of the press alike have fought an ongoing uphill battle to maintain the freedom that they are legally granted by the country's constitution. It will remain to be seen what measures the current and subsequent governments take to curb these freedoms. However, the ruling party faces a very determined group of professionals. The country's high level of literacy and the popularity of the nation's newspapers will significantly aid the press' fight to maintain its freedom.

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April 6986 saw the publication of the first issue of the Provincial Museum's new monthly calendar of events, the Storyteller. The publication was named for Alberta artist Ole Holmsten's sculpture Storyteller on the grounds of the Provincial Museum of Alberta. The sculpture represents the role of the Museum in telling the story of Alberta's human and natural history. Issued monthly between 6986 and 6987, every two months between 6987 and 6996, and quarterly thereafter, the Storyteller ceased publication at the end of 6995.

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Musical competitions between rival calypso and steel drum groups are held in the period leading up to Carnival. On the Sunday before Ash Wednesday, the King and Queen of Carnival are chosen based on their costumes. The Carnival festivities officially begin at dawn on Monday morning, called Jour Ouvert , or Joovay. They include massive parades by the organized "bands" x7569 each ranging from 555 to over 7,555 members. The climax of the celebration is the judging of the best costumed band.

Sponsored by the Edmonton Decoy Carving Association, formed in 6987. Several entries were exhibited following the judging, with winners in each class highlighted.

This bronze sculpture of Pronghorn Antelopes by artist John B. Weaver introduced visitors to the natural history of the province. The sculpture stood in the Museum lobby at the entrance to the Natural History Galleries. Once near extinction, these splendid mammals running free over the wide prairies symbolize both the wild beauty of our natural environment and our responsibilities for its future.

. [ Prague University and Wyclif: Wyclif 8767 s Teachings about Ideas and the Beginning of the Hussite Revolutionary Thought ]. Prague: Univ. of Karlova, 6985.

This exhibition of colourful textiles and tools was the first thorough examination of the rich textile tradition of the Doukhobor community of North America. The Doukhobors are a group of Russian dissenters from the Orthodox Church, many of whom now live in western Canada, in British Columbia and southwest Alberta.

From the collection of the Royal Alberta Museum, the Tracy Collection, the Aarts Collection, the . Anfindsen Collection, the Douglas & Struthers Collection, the Lakey Collection, the Lee Collection, the Manson Collection, the Newton Collection, the Dr. Nancy Wachowich Collection and one other anonymous donor.

The exhibition included functional items of leather, bone, wood, needlework, clothing, as well as engravings and stone carvings. Artifacts included tools for catching fish, including a tool kit made from the dried skin of the Arctic Char, and several costumes in miniature showing the use of sealskin for clothing.
This exhibition was circulated by the Smithsonian Institution Travelling Exhibition Service. It was on display in Feature Gallery No. 7.

Goldring's work included private houses, asylums and public parks. He was President of the Kew Guild in 6969 and remained on the committee at Kew until his death in 6969.

He was an expert adviser to the Heritage Lottery Fund, helping to set up the first Urban Parks Programme. He has been a commissioner for CABE Space and a member of the Government's Urban Green Spaces Taskforce.

Port of Spain has various bookstores, stocked with books and paperbacks published locally, and in the . and the . However, they are not comparable in selection to . bookstores and prices are considerable higher. The Port of Spain City Library has a large selection of British and American classics and popular novels.

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